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Lohagarh Fort

By Team eBird /14 Jun 2024
Andrew Griebeler

Andrew Griebeler, March eBirder of the Month

Lohagarh Fort, or the Iron Fort, located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, exemplifies the strength and ingenuity of the Jat rulers, particularly Maharaja Suraj Mal, who commissioned its construction in 1732. Renowned for its impenetrability, the fort withstood 13 attacks by the British, including a prolonged six-week siege by Lord Lake in 1805. However, it was eventually captured by British forces under Lord Combermere in January 1826, marking Bharatpur's transition into a princely state under British Raj control. The fort features two main gates, Ashtadhatu in the north and Chowburja in the south, and houses significant monuments like Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas, and Kothi Khas. Jawahar Burj, built in 1765 to celebrate a victory over the Mughals, and Fateh Burj, built in 1805 to commemorate a win over the British, are notable structures. The fort includes state-protected monuments and parts recognized as Monuments of National Importance, such as Jawahar Burj, Ashtadhatu Gateway, the surrounding moat, and the fort walls.


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