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Deeg Palace

By Team eBird /14 Jun 2024
Andrew Griebeler

Andrew Griebeler, March eBirder of the Month

Deeg Palace, situated 32 km from Bharatpur in Rajasthan's Deeg District, was constructed in 1772 as a luxurious summer retreat for the Bharatpur rulers and remained active until the early 1970s. This unique Hindu-style palace, once the Jat capital, was initially built by Badan Singh in 1721 and fortified by his son Suraj Mal around 1730. Deeg's strategic location near Agra made it a target for invasions, leading to a notable battle where Suraj Mal defeated a combined Mughal-Maratha army and subsequently plundered Delhi, reconstructing a marble building from the Red Fort in Deeg. Influenced by Mughal architecture, the palace features a Charbagh-inspired garden with decorative elements, fountains, and large water tanks that cool the environment. The Keshav Bhawan monsoon pavilion stands out with its intricate water jets and thunder-like sound effects. Unique aspects include the king's enormous black granite bed, historically used in Parsi death rites. Deeg's historical prominence is highlighted in records, comparing its beauty and trade significance to Delhi.


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